Speedo Popup for Wordpress

It comes with more than 14 predefined skins, 15 predefined CSS3 transitions and 7 predefined jQuery transitions ready to use in your wordpress site.
The backend gives you almost unending possibilities of making changes and customizing the popup for your needs.

You can create modal windows and use them in a page, widget, or short code. You can further customize the popup in the place you are using by setting advanced options.


Speedo Popup plugin is fully responsive. It is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience.

CSS3 effects

You can use more than 17 predefined CSS3 effects for IN and OUT transitions. It means that you should forget about lazy and slow javascript animation.

Easy to install

Speedo Wordpress Popup was built for your need. It`s very simple to install and use. Was created to be very intuitive and user friendly.

HTML 5 ready

This jQuery popup plugin has full compatibility for HTML5 and CSS3 and full fallback for older browsers.

Page level targeting

You can create different popups to display on pages, categories or posts. You have total control to create.

Delayed Timer Display

You can choose to display the modal box on your wordpress blog, after x seconds. Also, you have the option to close the popup after a while.

WORDPRESS friendly

You`ll learn to use the plugin in less than a minute, because is user friendly.


Like you know, you can have unlimited numbers of popups in different posts with different settings.


If you don`t load to load the popup for every post or page, Wordpress Popup has alreay impleplemented this feature. Also, you have the posibility to set how many times a visitor will see your popup on your blog.

Accept shortcode

Insert any shortcode in your page or post to create any popup/modal box in a easily way.

WIDGET ready

If you want to further customize the popup used with a specific widget, you can change any settings inside the widget without altering the used popup.

14 predefined themes

  • Multiple skins

    Choose one of our 14 predefined themes for your modal ready to use on your wp blog.

  • Smart skin engine

    A feature that allows registration and running of javascript code for a specific skin.

  • Custom buttons

    Speedo Popup lets you to add custom buttons to the popup.

  • Widget ready

    You can create any popup using widget area.

  • ShortCode READY

    Speedo Popup lets you to add popup using wordpress shortcode.

  • Multiple instances

    You have no limit to the numbers of popus you can add.

Support everything


You can play your own audio files (ogg and mp3 support).


Enable draggable functionality on any instance of popup. Move the popup instance by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it anywhere on page.


You can open any kind of content inside the popup (e.g. GOOGLE MAPS, VIDEOS, IMAGES, FORMS or whatever you need).


jQuery Speedo Popup is modular and was built using prototype technique. It saves a lot of memory by not having to recreate all the methods for every instance of the popup created by you.


Size is calculated automatically and is based on your content (default), but you can specify exactly width and height if you need so.


You have a lot of options to customize your plugin based on your need. You can view a complete list of options here.

Other Features

  • You have 14 predefined CSS3 themes for your popup message

  • You can choose free 17 jQuery and CSS3 transition effects, or you create your own

  • Multiple instances on one page. In addition, you can use different theme for each of them.

  • Automatic show

  • You can display a loading image while the content is loading.

  • This popup plugin has full compatibility for HTML5 and full fallback for older browsers.

  • Closer and show timer

  • You can center automatically, or you can choose your own vertical and horizontal positions

  • Size is calculated automatically and is based on your content (default), but you can specify exactly width and height, if you need so.

  • Launch a link in a popup. Just declare class ‘speedo-popup’ on link

  • You can load any content in any way you want:

    • HTML string

    • Ajax call

    • HTML element

    • Iframe

    • media file (swf)

    • Embeded video ( yes, you can include youtube or vimeo players with simple link)

  • Cross-Browser compatibility

  • Multiple callbacks

    • onBeforeShow

    • onShow

    • onComplete

    • onHide

    • onClose

  • Small file size