Notify your customers, advertise
your products or use it as you like

WordPress Speedo Notify is a small, powerful and real customizable WordPress Notify plugin. With Speedo Notify you can advertise your products, announce your users of a promotion, announce your users that you'll not be available or you can use it as you like.


WordPress Speedo Notify plugin is fully responsive. It is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience. WordPress Speedo Notify has been tested on multiple devices and resolutions.

Retina Ready

WordPress Speedo Notify includes ultra-sharp retina graphics. Speedo Notify looks great on all Retina-Displays and other High-Resolution screen. All included. skins supports Retina-Display feature.

Increase traffic

You can increase traffic to your pages by diverting users to other pages on your
site. Bring your bounce rate down and grow on Search Engine.
Use Speedo Notify to advertise a landing page, you can
increase the visits on your landing page and website

Multiple Skins

WordPress Speedo Notify comes with 11 predefined skins. You can customize, create your own skin, everything to suit your needs. You also, have the possibility to show a random skin.

Social Ready

WordPress Speedo Notify has support for the following social networks.